Birthday Party at Hampden House

24th January 2019

Back to Hampden House! But this time not for a Wedding, but a fabulous Birthday Party.

Arranged by Karen for her husband’s special Birthday. We both agreed that it needed some lovely bright colours to warm up this grey January day.

The dramatic Strelitzia set the scene. The vibrant Orange was matched with Orange Roses, Berries and Orchids, mixed in with White Hydrangea, Ginesta and Purple Phlox. The arrangements stretched the entire length of the Banqueting Table and was interspersed with Candlelights.

The flower displays flowed through into the Great Hall and Reception.

A very special occasion!

Event feedback emailed from Karen:

Dear Tricia

Thank you so much for producing such wonderful flower displays for the party on Thursday evening at Hampden House. They were absolutely spectacular. You managed to work out just exactly what I wanted. We received so many complimentary comments about them, they just brought the dining room to life and warmed it up on a chilly January evening. They also transferred very well to the shoot dining table the following day. I am looking at some of them now in my own house and they even look out of this world here and match the decor of the entrance hall exactly. They are also gracing homes all across the south of England this weekend! I left the large one in the entrance for Alex and she seemed quite pleased about that as it looked so beautiful in your urn on the pedestal.

Many thanks once again and I must think up another event so that we can work together again – maybe my daughter will announce a wedding!

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"Just writing to say thank you for the beautiful wedding flowers you supplied. The bridal flowers were stunning but the marquee blew us away. It was like a film set! The bases, the trees, the hanging candles and the butterflies looked magical..."

May 10, 2017

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