Lauren & Nilesh – Missenden Abbey

What a colourful affair ….WOW ….Lauren & Nilesh didn’t it look amazing!

Lots of happy gerbera teamed up with cerise roses and bright blue gentians. The bridesmaids wore turquoise dresses…check out the photo’s from Mark Sisley below.

Lauren & Nilesh’s marriage took place in the stunning surrounds of Missenden Abbey…… and what an amazing blaze of colour they chose for the venue! The favourite flower for both of them was the happy/vibrant gerbera. We mixed these with cerise roses and electric blue gentians. Throughout the venue we used elegant martini vases filled with mixed gerbera and gypsophila. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Garden Room of the Abbey. In this room is a feature staircase which was decorated by a friend of the bride & groom with multi-coloured ribbons
and to this we added sprays of the gerbera…… looked fantastic.

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"Just writing to say thank you for the beautiful wedding flowers you supplied. The bridal flowers were stunning but the marquee blew us away. It was like a film set! The bases, the trees, the hanging candles and the butterflies looked magical..."

The Flower Room

The Flower Room is located near Aylesbury.